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Custom tactile feeling and LEDs indication membrane switch

Short Description:

The membrane switch is build with the polyester overlays and the silver inks printing circuits, the keys have the tactile feeling, the life time of the keys is more than 1.000.000 cycles. The LEDs windows can be lighting, and the lighting time can be more than 5.000 hours. The working voltage of the membrane switch is 3V or more less, the loop resistance of the circuits is less than 100Ohms. The custom membrane switch can be design as any shape you want to. The thickness of the membrane switch can be design less than 0.8mm. The membrane switch can be scratch resistance at it’s top, there have the pressure-sensitive self-adhesive on it’s back side, and it’s allow to assembly to the mostly plastic surface, the metal surface, the glass surface, the wood surface.

Product Detail

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Applications for membrane switches

1. The membrane switch can be used at all industries where have the electric controllers. The membrane switch as the interface for human-machine exchange, it's the most basic components of an equipment which need to running. The membrane switch widely at the Electronics Manufacturing, the Medical technology, the Aerospace technology, The High technology Equipment, the New Energy Technology and the New Materials Technology.

The design of the membrane switch

2. The membrane design can be very freedom, we can provide the custom membrane switch. The custom contain the membrane switch printing colors, the membrane switch printing text and patterns, the membrane switch shape, the membrane switch thickness, the membrane electric function, the membrane switch usage environment. The membrane switch can be design as your want to.


The advantage of the membrane switch

3. The membrane switch and the touch screen is the most used human-machine interfaces. The touch screen design can be diversification of functions but cost very expensive, and also easy broken. The membrane switch design can't diverse controls and functions, but it's the most stable and reliable, it's cost effective and catch the long lifetime.

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