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  • PCB cirucits membrane switches

    PCB cirucits membrane switches

    Membrane switches: a precision control tool for electronic devices Membrane switches are precision control components that are widely used in electronic equipment. They are tightly integrated with PCB circuits to provide efficient and reliable user interfaces and operati...
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  • Silicone rubber enclosure

    Silicone rubber enclosure

    A rubber case is a protective cover made of silicone material that is frequently utilized to safeguard electronics, tools, or other items from external damage, abrasion, or vibration. Silicone is a flexible and pliable material with exceptional resistance to aging, high ...
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  • A new membrane refers to the PCB circuits and the flexible circuits

    A new membrane refers to the PCB circuits and the flexible circuits

    Membrane switches are electronic control switches that consist of a membrane switch, a membrane circuit, and a connection part. The membrane panel can be silk-screen printed to control the appearance of the product, expressing patterns and characters. The membrane ciruit...
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  • Processing methods for the membrane circuits

    Processing methods for the membrane circuits

    The membrane circuit is an emerging electronic technology that offers numerous advantages. It enables high-density circuit wiring, resulting in more compact and lightweight electronic devices. Additionally, the membrane circuit is flexible and bendable, allowing it to ad...
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  • Processing of Diversified Silicone Keypads

    Processing of Diversified Silicone Keypads

    Silicone rubber keypads are a commonly used button material that offers a soft touch and excellent wear resistance. They are created through a drop molding process, where silicone material is dropped onto the button's surface to form a uniform silicone film. This process...
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  • The printing technology in membrane switch

    The printing technology in membrane switch

    The membrane switch is designed with keys, LEDs, sensors, and other SMT components that allow for easy and reliable operation. The membrane switch is built with top and bottom circuits that are constructed with precision, providing a reliable and durable connection. It i...
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  • Backing lighting membrane switch

    Backing lighting membrane switch

    Membrane switches are an operating system that combines key functions, indicating elements, and instrument panels. It consists of panel, upper circuit, isolation layer, and lower circuit. It is a light-touch, normally open switch. Membrane switches have a rigorous struct...
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  • PU Dome keys membrane switch

    PU Dome keys membrane switch

    Recently, a new type of PU Dome design membrane switch has attracted the attention of the membrane designer and consumers. The PU Dome type membrane switch adopts high-precision drop glue manufacturing process. The special feature of this membrane switch is its advanced ...
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  • Membrane switch with LGF design

    Membrane switch with LGF design

    Foundation industries design a new backlight membrane switch, and has attracted people's attention in the market. The backlight membrane switch design uses membrane switch technology, combined with LED backlight source, radiates light to the switch surface through the ba...
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  • Embossing keys membrane switch

    Embossing keys membrane switch

    Application Recently, a membrane switch product with embossing keys has been launched, which has attracted widespread attention in the market. Compared with traditional mechanical keys, this embossing keys membr...
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