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A new membrane refers to the PCB circuits and the flexible circuits

Membrane switches are electronic control switches that consist of a membrane switch, a membrane circuit, and a connection part. The membrane panel can be silk-screen printed to control the appearance of the product, expressing patterns and characters. The membrane ciruits primarily functions as the control circuit, while the connection part connects the membrane switch to the terminal machine, enabling control of the terminal machine. When a key on the membrane switch is pressed, the conductive line will close, completing the circuit connection.

Simple membrane switches use PET screen printing silver paste as the control line. However, for products that require strong stability and complex functions, PCB or FPC lines are typically used. In some cases, a combination of PCB and FPC processes can be used.

PCB is the printed circuit board, it's a substrate used to support and connect electronic components. It is usually made of insulating materials and is printed with conductive lines and positions for mounting electronic components. PCB design offers simplicity, high reliability, and reusability, making it an important and indispensable part of modern electronic equipment.

FPC is the flexible circuit board, it's a flexible substrate that can be bent and folded. It is suitable for electronic equipment that requires bending or has limited space. FPC circuits are small in size, lightweight, and highly reliable, making them widely used in electronic product control. 


Membrane switches have advantages such as simple structure, small size, light weight, and long service life, making them widely used in electronic equipment. With over 16 years of experience in membrane switch production, we have introduced advanced production technology and offer a wide range of services to foreign customers. Our professional design team and manufacturing line enable us to provide customers with the best quality service at any time.

Post time: Nov-07-2023