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Embossing keys membrane switch


Recently, a membrane switch p (1)

Recently, a membrane switch product with embossing keys has been launched, which has attracted widespread attention in the market. Compared with traditional mechanical keys, this embossing keys membrane switch design has a more humanized operation experience and more stable performance. Traditional mechanical keys are made of metal or granules plastic materials, it's need to be pressed to achieve connection or disconnection, the design and mold cost of traditional mechanical keys also very high. The plastic sheet embossing membrane switch adopts more advanced materials and processes than mechanical switches, it's processed by pressing and heating on the membrane overlay to form a embossing keypad, which not only is suitable for mass production, but also is affordable. The silk screen color of the embossing keys membrane switch is on the back of the material, the long-term use and press will not have any effect on the silk screen colors.

The new embossing keys membrane switch has a longer life span and higher visual and comfortable tactile due to the use of flexible materials. In addition, the embossing keys membrane switch has the characteristics of easy cleaning and durability, so that can be sure use for a long time and widely. In order to meet customer needs, the embossing keys designed and produced by Foundation Industries has both conventional embossing process and special embossing process, such as 1.2mm thickness embossing keys, blind spot embossing dots, rim embossing borders and character embossing design. The mature embossing process not only needs to ensure that the embossing keys does not damage the raw materials, but also needs to ensure that the embossing keys not damage the printings ink, and needs to ensure the pressing life of the embossing keys. 

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At present, Foundation Industries embossing keys membrane switch has been widely used in industry, medical, home appliances and other fields. With the increasing demand for portable devices and other lightweight products, the embossing keys membrane switch will also become one of the future market trends and will become the first choice of consumers and enterprises.

Post time: Apr-06-2023