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Membrane switch with LGF design

Foundation industries design a new backlight membrane switch, and has attracted people's attention in the market. The backlight membrane switch design uses membrane switch technology, combined with LED backlight source, radiates light to the switch surface through the backlight module, forming the backlight effect of the whole switch panel. The design using the latest light guide film(LGF) technology to provide the membrane switch a evenly lit and adjustable backlight. The main feature of the backlight design is the use of LGF technology, which allows users to control the brightness and color of the light with easy operations.

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At the same time, the membrane switch can also provide a more flexible panel design to meet various customer needs. The LGF design uses highly transparent materials and professional optical design to provide a more uniform and comfortable light, Or use the fiber bundles design to provide light-guide. So that users will not feel uncomfortable during use, such as flickering and dazzling. At the same time, its low power consumption also makes the backlight save energy, bringing users a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly choice. The backlight design has been put into the market and has been unanimously praised and recognized by customers. Compared with traditional switches, this switch design has more interactivity and higher trigger sensitivity, and can realize the control of different lights. The LGF membrane switch is more welcomed because this product not only has the basic function of switch, but also can realize backlight, touch dimming and other functions, greatly improving people's user experience. 

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According to the relevant sales data statistics, the backlight film switch has become one of the most favored products by consumers, and has been loved by more and more users.

In the future, we believe that with the continuous progress of science and technology, the application scope of backlight film switch will be more extensive, bringing better user experience and feeling to more users.

Post time: Apr-06-2023