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PU Dome keys membrane switch

Recently, a new type of PU Dome design membrane switch has attracted the attention of the membrane designer and consumers. The PU Dome type membrane switch adopts high-precision drop glue manufacturing process. The special feature of this membrane switch is its advanced membrane keys design. The PU Dome design membrane switch adopts modern machine processing technology, which can accurately control the accuracy of PU Dome position and thickness of PU Dome, and ensure that the PU Dome is tightly combined with the membrane overlay. The PU Domes of the membrane switch is a special high-molecular PU glue coated on the membrane overlay. Through a special high-precision device, the liquid PU glue is "dropped" onto the surface of the membrane overlay, and then the PU Dome is placed in a constant temperature environment and set the required time to make the PU glue solidify. 

PU (1)

Compared with the traditional membrane switch, this product enables users to truly feel a smooth and high-quality button experience, rather than a dull feeling like a rubber stamp. In addition, this PU Dome button design also has excellent durability, touch feel and anti-shake effect. No matter how frequent the switch is used, it can maintain the most stable performance. At the same time, the use of high-quality PU glue raw materials mixing and waterproof design makes the PU Dome button have the characteristics of fast response, waterproof and durable, and is also easy to clean.

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According to sales data statistics, the PU Dome button design membrane switch has been widely welcomed and praised in the European and American markets. More and more customers choose our PU Dome button products. In the future, we believe that this PU Dome membrane will gradually become the trend leader in the membrane switch industry and will bring a higher quality interactive experience to the majority of users. The PU Dome button refers to the special high-molecular drop glue coated on the membrane switch to improve the stability and feel of the membrane switch.

Post time: Apr-06-2023