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What is tactile dome switch?

A tactile membrane switch is a type of membrane switch that allows the user to clearly feel the control of the switch when a key is pressed. This means that the user can feel the pressing of the key with their finger and hear a click sound when the key is pressed. In simple terms, a tactile membrane switch is activated by applying pressure.

tactile dome switch

Tactile dome switch are typically made using polyester film or polyamide film and other highly elastic, scratch-resistant, and durable materials for the overlay panel. The design of the membrane switch is customized based on customer requirements for shape and color, and the necessary circuitry pattern is printed according to the control needs. The different layers are then stacked and assembled using high adhesive double-sided tape, and the final product is tested to ensure accurate and stable triggering when pressed.

There are various methods used for tactile dome switches, with the most common being the use of metal domes and overlay panel or top flexible circuit for tactile feedback. The use of metal domes allows for a more complex tactile sensation and the option of a heavier press force. Membrane switch without metal domes are also known as Poly-dome membrane switches, which achieve the desired press feel through the use of graphic overlay or flex circuits. The requirements for bumping molds and process control are more stringent in these products.

The production process for tactile dome switch is relatively simple, using cost-effective methods with a short production cycle, making mass production convenient and flexible in design.

tactile membrane switch

In addition to tactile membrane switch, we also offer Non-tactile membrane switches and touchscreen overlay switches, which do not provide a pressure sensation on the keys.

Post time: Jun-21-2024